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carlin brothers, candles, phoenix fire, broomstick handle, sherbet lemon, trinkets, charms
carlin brothers, candle, broomstick handle, trinkets
carlin brothers, candle, phoenix fire, trinkets
carlin brothers, candle, sherbet lemon, trinkets
20oz Carlin Brothers Charm Candle

20oz Carlin Brothers Charm Candle

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Natural soy wax candle made with certified quality fragrance oils, designed to bring you a magical warmth. Discover your charm by burning your candle. Will you be surprised with a broomstick, witches hat, or perhaps a wand?

As you collect your charms, place them on a Carlin Brothers Logo Keychain to display them all! 

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Scent Guide:

Broomstick Handle - Black Oak Currant
Sherbet Lemon - Sage and Lemongrass
Phoenix Fire - Campfire

All CBC candles are ethically made • Crafted with the highest quality non-toxic soy wax and certified fragrance oil, CBC Candle is 20 oz and provides a longer lasting burn time of up to 130 hours.

12 charms available to collect.

Customer Reviews

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Jacob Copeland

20oz Carlin Brothers Charm Candle

Robin Farian
so excited for the charm!

i love these candles, im so excited to see the charm!


Some of my favorite candles I've ever bought!

Great Candles, Something for Everyone

We bought all three of the regular scents to try them out: Phoenix Fire, Broomstick Handle, and Sherbet Lemon.

Broomstick Handle has, much like you'd expect, an earthy, woody scent. It has a more subtle scent than the other two candles, but it becomes more prominent the longer the candle burns. It was pleasant, but everyone in the house preferred a stronger odor.

Sherbet Lemon was a Strong Lemon scent. Imagine a Lemon Head mixed with Essential oil. It's not bad, but it reminded me too much of a cleaning product scent. That being said, if you want a fresh, clean scent without the toxic fumes, this is for you!

Phoenix Fire was our favorite by a mile. I was worried it would be too strong when I smelled it out of the box, but it's not like that at all when it burns. The fiery cinnamon-like smell mellows into a hygge, sit-by-the-fire-with-your-coziest-blanket goodness, and out of the three, it's the one we'll buy again.

The packaging was so cute, and I appreciated that each candle comes with a small box of matches.

melissa ealson
No smell when burned

I loved the smell of the candles I got, but you light them and there is no smell at all it doesn’t give off a sent that I expected it to do. I reached one charm but it wasn’t very good quality. As they are more pricy candles then I’m used to I expected a bit better.