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Buzzy Blitzen Coffee Beans

Buzzy Blitzen Coffee Beans

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Say hello to Carlin Brothers Coffee's first ever seasonal brew! Available only this holiday season in limited quantities.

This blend is special to the brothers because it was roasted right in their hometown by Roasters Next DoorGrowing up, their whole family loved the holidays because it meant a special Chocolate Raspberry blend from a local coffee shop — so naturally, they had to recreate the magic. Inside this bag is delicious coffee that we know you’ll enjoy thanks to sustainably sourced beans, talented roasters, and a heaping spoonful of nostalgia.

Every bag has been signed by the SuperCarlinBrothers as an extra treat for the holidays! 

12 oz Bag of Whole Bean Coffee

Roast: Medium

Flavor Notes: Chocolate and Raspberry


Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews

Very Very Good

Michele Wolfe
Delicious and smells great

Great coffee! I loved opening the bag for the first time.

Paige Franken
Real Awesome

This coffee was really good quality and was still fresh when it got to my a while after I ordered it (due to delays of weather, roads not existing, and being international). And the flavour was was exactly what they said it was going to be, which is honestly a stretch sometimes when buying coffee, especially online since you can't smell it. Everything about the coffee was very enjoyable, including the packaging because that also adds to the experience.

Buzzy blitzen coffee

It was the first coffee I really enjoyed and hopefully yall can do it ever year

Rebecca Rawn
Best Flavour!

This coffee is great! I almost exclusively drink flavoured coffee and had not tried Carlin Brothers coffee because there wasn't a variety of flavours. This coffee is wonderfully aromatic and has great flavour. It's a must get in my opinion.