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Common Room Charm Candle - Yellow

Common Room Charm Candle - Yellow

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A limited edition natural soy wax candle boasting toasty notes of butterscotch and a hint of fluffy pancakes. You'll think the kitchens are just around the corner while burning this scrumptious scent. Discover your limited edition charm by burning your candle.

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Scent Guide:

Yellow Common Room - Butterscotch Pancakes: Rich scent of caramel, butter, sugar, and vanilla

All Carlin Brothers Coffee candles are crafted with the highest quality non-toxic soy wax and certified fragrance oil. All components are responsibly sourced and all candles are hand poured in the USA. This candle is 20 oz and provides a longer lasting burn time of up to 130 hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Xavier Juarez
Great smell. Not over powering

Great smell. Is there just enough to smell it and not enough to take over the whole room

Sandra Javier-Santana
Makes me hungry

It smells like butterscotch. It probably was supposed to smell like pancakes but it smells like butterscotch to me. I recently had a Butter beer and it smells very similar and I love it. I will be lighting it soon.

Jazmine Uribe

Common Room Charm Candle - Yellow

Zach Kish

I ordered both Phoenix Fire & The Common Room candle. Both are equally pretty & their scents are easy on the nose but strong enough to linger in a room long after the candle has been extinguished.

Mikel W.
Candle Review

It smells so good. You don't even have to light it and the smell will fill the room!