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Three candle scents with all available charms displayed
Broomstick Handle Candle - Clear glass container with 20 oz white soy wax and two wicks. Two crossed broomsticks in silver foil
Phoenix Fire Candle - Clear glass container with 20 oz white soy wax and two wicks. Phoenix in flames in orange foil
Sherbert Lemon Candle - Clear glass container with 20 oz white soy wax and two wicks. Gargoyle atop a lemon in yellow foil
Charms with pull rate. 15% for Broomstick, Witch’s hat. 10% for Dragon, Cauldron, Quill, Lightning bolt, Goblet. 8% for Owl with letter. 5% for sword. 2% for book, wand, and key with wings

20oz Carlin Brothers Charm Candle

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Natural soy wax candle made with certified quality fragrance oils, designed to bring you a magical warmth. Discover your charm by burning your candle. Will you be surprised with a broomstick, witches hat, or perhaps a wand?

As you collect your charms, place them on a Carlin Brothers Logo Keychain to display them all! 

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Scent Guide:

Broomstick Handle - Black Oak Currant
Sherbet Lemon - Sage and Lemongrass
Phoenix Fire - Campfire

All Carlin Brothers Coffee candles are crafted with the highest quality non-toxic soy wax and certified fragrance oil. All components are responsibly sourced and all candles are hand poured in the USA. This candle is 20 oz and provides a longer lasting burn time of up to 130 hours.

12 charms available to collect.

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Robert Crist

Candles smell good, waiting to burn them during specific HP films which have moments corresponding to their scent/name.

Definitely keeping my eye on the site for when all the common rooms are available…

Zach Brunson
Fantastic Candles!

I ordered all three when they first came out and although I enjoyed all of them, I especially love the Phoenix Fire and Broomstick Handle scents! I'm currently subscribed to get both of these every couple months and I still get excited when they show up in the mail.

Jake Mueller
Great Mother’s Day gift

My mom loved it for Mother’s Day!

Magic in wax form

Phoenixs have many magical powers and one happens to be creating amazing candles.

Leticia Wishart
Which scent is best?!?!

I was surprised. I’m not a huge fan of cinnamon scent in candles, but this is really not overpowering, which is great. But the lemon sherbet is definitely a great addition to any room