Maintaining Quality

At Carlin Brothers Coffee we have only ever used the highest quality ingredients and handled them the best way we know how.  When deciding on our coffee roast we tasted several flavor profiles until finding the one we loved. Having the opportunity to learn about coffee and the roasting process while helping develop our blend was exciting and fun!  We wanted to help bring our deep love of coffee to our audience and anyone else that also enjoys delicious craft coffee.  

Since then, we have strived to bring the best quality we can. Many of our customers don't realize that they're getting a better quality product than they would normally be able to get at any grocery store or large coffee chain. This is because the process of warehousing, transporting, and shelving products months before the customer gets them causes important oils and sugars in freshly roasted coffee to break down which results in a more bitter taste. We often hear things like "this is the only coffee I can drink black" or "when I went back to my other coffee it tasted horrible." To us, this is all the proof we need that our commitment to quality means something to you.

Here are a few ways we work to maintain quality at Carlin Brothers Coffee.

Our Coffee Beans

Specialty Grade

Specialty grade coffee is the highest grade of coffee possible. To receive the grade, the beans must possess at least one unique attribute in either the body, taste, aroma, and/or acidity. 

Additionally, the beans must come from healthy plants and must be handled with care; according to the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), "to be considered specialty grade, green coffee shall have zero category one (1) defects and five or less category two (2) defects." 

For more information about how coffee beans are classified, click here. If you want to learn more about standards for green coffee set by the SCA, click here.

Single Origin

Buying single origin ensures that we know where our beans are sourced and the practices on the farms are ethical and responsible. We buy a from a few different locations in order to combine the unique flavor profiles of different regions into the perfect blend.

Craft Roasted

We roast our beans to maximize the natural qualities they possess. Craft roasting involves applying heat over time in a way that brings out the best of the natural flavors of each origin. We roast the origins separately and blend them together in order to maximize the potential of each bean.

We combine the art of craft roasting with the science of the chemistry involved to create our custom blend. When deciding on flavor profiles for our coffee roasts, we refer to the Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel created by the SCA.

The SCA originally published the Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel in 1995 and has since updated it by collaborating with World Coffee Research in 2016. The flavor wheel is the most recognizable resource in the coffee industry (2019).  Click here to read more about the Coffee Taster's Flavor Wheel.


Our Cold Brew   

Double Filtered Water

If you were to look at Cold Brew under a microscope you would find more water molecules than you would molecules related to coffee. We wouldn't be in the Cold Brew business if we weren't first in the water business. We double filter our water to remove any minerals and other impurities and then remineralize the water. Because the water is remineralized to our specification for the cold brew, the flavors are better extracted into the coffee. In fact, pure H2O would not be good for Cold Brewing, it's the minerals we add back in that grab the coffee flavors out of the beans and suspend them in water.

Steeping and Bottling

Our cold brew is steeped for 16 hours in refrigerators to achieve a smooth taste.

We use a BPA-free brown plastic bottle which filters out UV light to protect the cold brew. The bottles are both recyclable and sturdy enough to be reused or turned into an arts/craft project. 

Our Teas

Loose Leaf vs. Bagged Tea

You experience deeper flavors and aromas by steeping loose leaf tea than bagged tea because loose leaf tea has more room to expand and infuse.

Loose leaf tea is fresher than bagged teas and there are less fannings and dust (tiny, broken leaves) present which prevent fuller flavors and cause bitterness.

For a deeper look into the differences in leaf tea vs. tea bags, click here.


Our loose leaf teas are sourced from a single family in India and a small coop in China.



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