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Common Room Charm Candle - Green
Common Room Charm Candle - Green
Common Room Charm Candle - Green

Common Room Charm Candle - Green

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A limited edition natural soy wax candle wafting musky notes of tobacco, charred parchment and leather. Carry this candle to light the way through dark, damp halls and it is sure to lift your spirits. Once lit, you'll quickly settle into its warm embrace like you're nestled into oversized leather sofas and velvet chairs. Discover your limited edition charm by burning your candle.

As you collect your charms, place them on a Carlin Brothers Logo Keychain to display them all! 

Scent Guide:

Green Common Room - Dungeon Torch: Sweet but smoky scent notes with a top note of spiced citrus

All Carlin Brothers Coffee candles are crafted with the highest quality non-toxic soy wax and certified fragrance oil. All components are responsibly sourced and all candles are hand poured in the USA. This candle is 20 oz and provides a longer lasting burn time of up to 130 hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kaitlyn Julian
Best Candle Ever

I am in love with this candle. If I could only ever use one candle the rest of my life it would be this one.

Samuel Laeger
Amazing Scents!!

I have bought every single scent of Carlin Bros Candle and every single one has smelled fantastic and I can confirm that the new common room green is no different!!!

Great Smell

I really prefer a masculine smell in my candles. Really like it.

Arnon Ashkenazi

Great candle. Smells like an actual common room at Hogwarts.

Is the light green?

The flame is not actually green is it?