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Photo of Carlin Brother Blue Common Room Candle with matchsticks and the candle box.
Photo of Carlin Brother Blue Common Room Candle.
Photo of Carlin Brother Candle surrounded by Baby's Breath flowers.
Photo of Carlin Brother candle and candle box  surrounded by Baby's Breath and lavender flowers.

Common Room Charm Candle - Blue

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A limited edition natural soy wax candle reminiscent of floral valleys and lofty mountain peaks. Fresh air combined with sweet, citrusy notes come together to create this soft, floral scent. Guaranteed to brighten up even the most dreadful days and have you flushed with happiness. Discover your limited edition charm by burning your candle.

As you collect your charms, place them on a Carlin Brothers Logo Keychain to display them all! 

Scent Guide:

Blue Common Room - Mountain Myrtle: Fresh mountain air with notes of citrus and sweet flowers.

All Carlin Brothers Coffee candles are crafted with the highest quality non-toxic soy wax and certified fragrance oil. All components are responsibly sourced and all candles are hand poured in the USA. This candle is 20 oz and provides a longer lasting burn time of up to 130 hours.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Blue is my House

I love it! It is so nice to sit back an feel like your in the Astrology Tower reading. My only complaint is that it was broken on one side, when I opened it glass fell on my lap an cut my leg. But that's because an idiot at the post office covered up the FRAGILE sticker. Nonetheless, I enjoy my candle an my cousin enjoys hers as well. She's a Slytherin, got her the new Common Room Green. Thank you!

Holly N.
Love it!

I really love this candle! It smells exactly as intended and you can even smell it while it isn't even being burned. As a Ravenclaw myself, this candle makes me feel closer to my house and to the Harry Potter franchise in general. I can't wait to find out what the charm is!

Kristian Smith
Love it

The candle smells AWESOME!!!!
I highly recommend getting it

Jay Ludwick
Location where charm connects to key ring

The location makes it very difficult to put on and maneuver

Common Room candle

i really love all the candles. I was just expecting the Common Room candle to smell more like almost Christmas cookie-ish...Yankee Candle has a Christmas cookie smell that is soo good