Royal Candle Club
Royal Candle Club

Royal Candle Club

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Join the Royal Candle Club and get a NEW, surprise Royal Candle delivered to you each month. Guess the characters, light the candles, and discover your limited-edition charms! Sign up by September 30, 2023 to save 25% on your Royal Candles for the rest of the year! After this date, the exclusive club will disappear and candles will only be able to be purchased individually.

*Warm Hugs candle is not included in the Royal Candle Club, and is only available for one time purchase*


Subscription Information: Sign up for the Royal Candle Club by September 30, 2023 to save 25% on the candle delivered every month until December 2023. The club sign up will close after September 30, 2023, and Royal Candles will only be available for individual purchase at full price for the rest of the year.

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Great candle subscription

The Carlin brothers' candles are some of the finest candles I have seen.
Not only do they smell amazing, but they burn off ALL the wax. They don't leave a hole with half the wax unmelted.
I am anxious to discover all the grat fragrances every month.

Liam Livezey
Sublime Subscription

As someone who loved getting the small candles out of Harry Potter subscriptions, the Royal Candle Club was immediately on my radar! I'm equally excited that these candles are randomly themed across fandoms.

The 1st candle, Stone Dragon, is a nice Mulan themed candle with an interesting sent I can't quite pinpoint but wonderful nonetheless. The preview of the next candle has me super excited as well continuing the Disney theme. The sizes of CBC candles are great for a monthly subscription too as they last quite a bit and I'm excited to see the charm collection I will make from this subscription.
For me personally this is worth it since I order most candles online, so having a subscription is a nice touch. No over the top theming makes these candles a simple aesthetic that works in any home.

The only issue I ever have with the candles are some pours end up not as solid as others. Some candles leave a "sweat" atop and the wax isn't always in a dried/solid state but that doesn't hinder the candle while lit so It doesn't bother me. :)

Ricardo Martinez

Royal Candle Club

Dola Spering
Can’t wait for a new candle each month!

The Stone Dragon candle smells amazing and I can’t wait for next month’s candle, and each month afterwards! I’m excited for the variety of scents at a lower cost. It’s a win-win!

Cameron Principata

Very excited to receive the rest of the royal candles this year!